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Websites... Ah, we all thought they were the instant answer to our problems.  Well, in some respects they are but as with so many things in life, nothing is ever as straightforward as we think or would like them to be.

Here’s the scenario:  you’ve been thinking about ideas that might move your business forward and someone said "you need a website".  Or, perhaps you have a website but you know something needs to be done to it to increase the traffic and convert more visitors to customers.

The big problem is – you don’t have the time to figure out what to do and even if you knew what to do, you aren’t technically-minded enough to do it yourself.

Well, you could ask your brother-in-law or the kid next door to build and optimize a website.  They wouldn’t be very expensive and in today’s economic climate “not very expensive” sounds really good.
But we all know the old adage “you get what you pay for” or said slightly differently – “you don’t get what you don’t pay for”!

The other difficulty with having family or friend or even the kid next door do your web designing is how long will it take to do the work on your website?  Will they get around to it before it’s too late to make a difference to your bottom line?

There has never been a time when being able to get more business has been more critical to your cash flow.  And what will separate winners from the also-rans is how you tell people about what you do.  People are most interested in how they will benefit from your products and services. So it is vital to say it in a way that clearly states how you will provide that solution to their problems.

Your ads and marketing are what initially attract people to your site but it's going to take more ingenious methods to break through the clutter and capture their attention and to get them to respond as well as buy from you.

The days when you could use the same "one size fits all" message and hope to get a decent response are gone.

People demand a new approach - they are more jaded, more impatient and harder to please. Not surprisingly, they are tired of all types of advertising and marketing approaches.

By providing professional web services to enhance your web presence – to get you noticed - Red Hot Web Hosting is ready and able to help improve your online prospects.

email us A professional alternative that is worth considering.

You already know that in today’s world, the Internet is essential to companies and individuals alike.  Therefore, to solve these thorny problems, Red Hot Web Hosting will design (or make-over the site you already have), produce, host and/or optimize your website so you stand out from the crowd.
Marketing strategies, including article writing, on-line marketing, traffic generation and link building, Squidoo pages, utilisation of Social Media, etc. can all be built into the strategy to publicise your products, services and causes.

“That’s great but what does all this mean and how much will it cost?” I hear you saying.

Website design and production (including website make-overs)

There are so many different ways in which a website can be built and it is only through an in-depth discussion with you, our client, that we can get an accurate picture of:

  • What is the purpose/s of your website?
  • What is the style and look you want for the website?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What will your offering/s be?
  • Who and where is your competition?
  • What message/s do you want to send to your target audience?
  • What type of website do you need – eCommerce, informational, simple or complex?  
  • Will you be selling from the website directly or will customers contact you by phone or in person?

These are just for starters!

Through our discussions, we’ll build a complete picture of your company, your market, the products or services you wish to offer, your business philosophy etc., etc. After all, people buy from people, not faceless companies and marketing is all about building relationships.  So your website must show your potential customers what kind of people you are and how your products and/or services will solve their problems.

Hosting Your Website

Whoever hosts your website has to provide you with:

  • unlimited bandwidth
  • immediate help if trouble occurs
  • uptime guarantees
  • unlimited MySQL databases, email addresses and sub-domains
  • state of the art technology
  • and lots of features

Hosting is how we got started, so the hosting packages available through Red Hot Web Hosting are designed to meet your needs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Simply put, SEO is used to improve where you show up in the searches. In other words, is your website getting found?  SEO is one of the most difficult terms to quantify because it can include so little or so much depending on who is doing it! Among many other options, SEO can include:

  • The right keywords to get you found,
  • Meta tags and meta descriptions where they need to be,
  • Regularly updated, interesting and relevant content, 
  • Embedded links in the navigation bar or text,
  • Optimising each and every new product,
  • All the pages required either by law or necessary to the visitor,
  • A strong “call to action” on all pages,
  • Picture tags are on all images,
  • Well written articles with links bring traffic to your site,
  • Internal and external linking strategy,
  • Use of social media,  
  • A WordPress site for extra information, articles, a two-way dialogue, building a “community”,
  • Knowing what not to do,
  • Use of off-site optimisation techniques.
There is so much more to good search engine optimisation (SEO) but you get the picture.  Probably the best strategy is to do SEO on a regular basis, and not to become complacent since things on the Internet e.g. Google’s way of ranking sites, and the way people use it keep changing.

On-line Marketing

Internet Marketing involves things other than just SEO.  To build traffic or keep visitors on the site longer – these will help:

  • conduct a pay-per-click Adwords campaign,
  • put a competition on the site,
  • offer a free downloadable report or other information,
  • offer regular blogs or newsletters,
  • add a blog to your main site and have it all linked together,
  • put videos about your products up to YouTube with links back to your site,
  • put a forum on the site,
  • add a members only area, with special downloads, products or services exclusive to members,
  • press releases about new products or services, happenings within your company etc.,
  • articles, written by you or Red Hot Web Hosting, to gain exposure and “expert” status,
  • be an “active expert” answering questions posed on forums or even post them to Yahoo Answers and other similar sites.
Again, there are loads of options available.

Personal Development

Another important element of any business is continuing personal and professional development for both the owner/s and staff. Therefore we have established connections with several of the top gurus in the personal development field.  We’ve purchased and used a number of their products and have reviewed some of them for you so you can get an idea of what you’ll be getting for your money, should you choose to purchase their products.

How much will it cost?

Unfortunately there isn’t always a simple answer.  It all depends – all websites are different and all clients are different.  One client may want an extremely complicated site, want to see a number of drafts or require a search engine marketing campaign, while another may just want a small site, a single design and no search engine promotion.

One client may need to have a number of meetings to discuss the site while another may want to do everything by email or telephone.  All of this affects the cost, because web design is more of a service than a product.  As a result, cost is based not just on the number of pages but also on the amount of time spent working on the project.

What to do next?

If this sounds like the type of approach that would suit you, take action now and get the ball rolling
email us

What are you going to do to stay ahead of the game – your customers - your competition?

How will you tell people what you’re about and
how they will benefit from your products and services?

Change your thinking about your marketing message, improve your website & give your customers the reason to use your products or services and ultimately make that difference to your bottom line.

Improved marketing Message

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